Customer identification key to experience shopping

Enable personalised experiences with the right technology

In the quest for delivering on experiential retail, stores have morphed into things resembling anything from amusement parks to living rooms. And while there is nothing wrong with that – it hasn't done much to personalise the experience.


45% of luxury consumers are asking for personalised products and services. The answer so far seems to be to put up screens and cameras that consumers can interact with.

Naturally, there is a lot of discussion about this customer-facing in-store technology and its low buy-in from customers, as well as the consumers' apprehension about being recognised. Although that is certainly the case in some instances, most of the time is likely a matter of the retailers not having done their homework on the value and benefits for the customers.

A lot of great in-store services have been enabled through customer-technology interaction, but many of them end up with a low adoption rate unless forced (like self-checkout), simply because they don't make the customers' life easier or better - it just makes the company more cost efficient.

After all, your customers do not need to visit your store to interact with your brand on a screen. And let's not forget that the primary benefit retail has over e-commerce is the staff - the human interaction in the moment of truth.

Personal greeting
Road to shopping experiences
During checkout it's too late to create personalised experiences

By the time a client is ready to pay it is too late to identify them since you've already lost your chance to truly personalise the in-store experience.

Being able to identify your customers as they walk through the door is a prerequisite for the personalised experience that consumers are starting to expect. How will your retail staff otherwise be able to deliver on this expectation?

Like we discussed in our article "Making your store a VIP destination", your frontline staff need technology support to enable them to deliver their full service capabilities.

At PRE:MIND we focus on technology to support the personal service, rather than to replace it. Feel free to check out how it works or get in touch and let's discuss your unique situation.