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Streamlining the
global VIP experience

Driving long-term customer interaction & retention in
luxury goods & services companies

The PRE:MIND Solution

PRE:MIND’s customer recognition technology enables truly personal service, and more effective loyalty programs in luxury retail, hospitality and travel sectors.

PRE:MIND offers a unique solution for brands to build stronger customer relationships, informed by the customers’ interaction data and volunteered information.

By merging data from online and offline interactions into actionable information, PRE:MIND empowers the brand’s customer-facing personnel to offer highly curated experiences to the company’s global customer base.




PRE:MIND works with companies, universities, non-profits, and other organizations to address complex customer experience challenges on a global scale. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, knowledge, and support helping us to help you build strong and lasting relationships.

  • TBTL

  • Esprit

  • Luxdots

  • Romero

  • Momentom

  • MegaPixel

  • Nymiz

  • Selimondo

  • Synapse Logic


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