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Mobile app

Enabling truly personalised relationship experiences that stand out

PRE:MIND – the personalised guest experience CRM – can now be combined with our mobile app, the booking solution where personalised service matters.

Make sure your visitors are given the VIP treatment at all your venues, and by any staff – recent hires or long term contributors.

PRE:MIND comes bundled with events management that combines guest lists, customer service, e-shops, payments, and a CRM all into one. Everything is powered by the PRE:MIND platform solution.

With a smooth and easy-to-use interface, the application ensures that your staff are always aware of who your guests are—when they arrive, or where they are moving—and that attendees can enjoy the full experience of your event by seamlessly purchasing products on display.

iPhone running PREMIND

Features in our different interfaces

Admin interface

  • View updated and relevant guest information in one dashboard
  • View Purchase history
  • View Cancellation history
  • View Booking history at all venues
  • View customer info collected by staff at all venues
  • Access customer data for truly personalised offers at each venue
  • Create collaborations with relevant brand partners
  • Ensure no data is lost between venues or if key staff leaves

Customer-facing staff interface (App on dedicated tablet)

  • Instantly know when a VIP has arrived
  • Quickly update relevant customer info in real time
  • Access all relevant guest info, e.g. allergies and preferences
  • Ping all relevant staff for truly personalised service at venue
  • Gives new staff a leg up in personlised service
  • Enables VIP service to a brand loyalist that is at your venue for the first time
  • Ensures you’re acting on correct info on hundreds of VIP customers without having to remember it all

PRE:MIND guest app

  • Add your branding to our ready-to-go app
  • Sell access to your venues and events directly through Google Pay & Apple iPay
  • Enable table and time slot bookings through the app
  • Allow guests to easily invite friends to their bookings and events
  • Communicate directly with visitors before and after an event
  • Handle guest RSVPs
iPhones running PREMIND


PRE:MIND will enhance your customer loyalty program resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction, and have a direct impact on the spending habits of your most valuable clients.


PRE:MIND Elevent is developed with experience heavy businesses in mind, enabling truly personalised guest experiences at all your venues. Enhance your customer facing staff by equipping them with personalised data and instant customer recognition.

Les Roches' initiative, Spark, collaborates with PRE:MIND to create an IoT solution to hyper-personalize customer services at hotels, restaurants, transportation, cruises, etc

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With Elevent by PRE:MIND, your front-line personnel are instantly empowered to build and foster long-term customer relationships, and your entire customer experience is taken to the next level.

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