Two isometric iPhones running El:event


The events industry is changing profoundly, and so are the technologies supporting it

El:event is an events management mobile application that combines guest lists, customer service, e-shops, payments, and a CRM all into one. Everything is powered by the PRE:MIND platform solution.

With a smooth and easy-to-use interface, the application ensures that your staff are always aware of who your guests are—when they arrive, or where they are moving—and that attendees can enjoy the full experience of your event by seamlessly purchasing products on display.

The mobile application is white-labelled, allowing you to customize its colors, logotype, and more.

Two iPhones running El:event

Upon downloading the app, guests scan the unique QR code which was delivered to them by e-mail to ensure a safe and secure login to the platform. From here, your guests can navigate to events, book tables, see their profile, and access your website. You can add as many links as you wish.

Three iPhones running El:event

After logging in, the events page displays upcoming and previous functions that the guest has access to, with comprehensive information about each event. If you choose, the guest can chose to attend the event with a quick swipe. And the guest can then see all the confirmed attendees, if you’ve set the guestlist to "public."

Your guest is also able to book any of your tables at your venues, and when your restaurant manager has approved the booking—a notification is instantly sent to the guest confirming it.

Four iPhones running El:event

Your guests can edit and add their personal preferences at any time, and they can find and pay for available products and services.

The app also provides the ability to pre-connect with attendees and, finally, to leave feedback for the organizer.

With El:event, your front-line personnel are instantly empowered to build and foster long-term customer relationships, and your entire customer experience is taken to the next level.

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