Our use cases explained: bringing luxury goods, travel and services companies, and their customers together—to enable new ways of interaction. Customer interaction is built-in. Get inspired by reading some of our use-cases

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Use Cases

Human-first interaction technology in a globalised world, personal travel experiences matter more than ever.

The future of retail shopping

  1. Brick-and-mortar locations will continue to be an important channel for retail. Despite the growth in online purchasing, recent studies suggest that millennials and Gen Z-consumers also enjoy the physical shopping experience. Enhancing that physical shopping experience is crucial.
  2. Creative and interactive technologies continue to play an important role in developing unique in-store experiences and knowledgeable staff who embrace and promote the brand will help build connectivity and promote loyalty. The real key to an outstanding experience is personalization. Getting to know customers from their previous purchases and interests can help retailers drive loyalty.
  3. PRE:MIND’s solution provides sales and customer service associates with a powerful cloud solution to build relationships with tourists and locals alike. Customers can be greeted by name at the door & staff will know their preferred service approach. Convenient re-assignment of VIP relationships during staff turnover/hiring.

Loyalty in an omnichannel world

  1. Loyalty research from 2017 found that 79% of customers only consider brands that show they care about “me”, but also that only 22% of members perceive that their brand experience is better than that of non-members. Loyalty marketers need to understand this about their customers, and make the rewards they offer more relevant as only 25% of customers are satisfied with the level of personalization in their loyalty program.
  2. Ensuring a unified customer profile is not an easy task, and once you’ve managed, you have to ensure the data is actionable at every single brand touchpoint. Nowhere is it more important that in the moment of truth--when a customer interacts with one of your brand representative.
  3. ▪ PRE:MIND’s technology solution provides sales and customer service associates with a powerful cloud-solution to build relationships with your members.
    ▪ Advance knowledge of purchase history, wish lists, and personal preferences to easily adapt services and products offered
    ▪ Easy to handle permissions and sharing of customer profiles between venues
    ▪ Record soft information on clients such home town, birthday, and social media mentions of your brand

Travel expectations met and exceeded

  1. The challenge is multifaceted; the guest might be visiting your venue for the first time, the staff that worked last time might not be on duty at the moment. The front desk might be the most informed, but they mainly serve the guest on check in and check out. All other staff could enhance the brand experience, if they had access to the right information.
  2. PRE:MIND’s technology solution provides brand representatives with a powerful cloud-solution to build relationships with your visitors. It’s a way to cultivate tourist relationships in the same way you would build relationships with frequent customers.
    ▪ All staff can easily access relevant customer information. From the doorman to the restaurant staff.
    ▪ Use tiered membership structures for digital marketing campaigns
    ▪ Easy re-assignment of VIP relationships during staff turnover/hiring
  3. PRE:MIND is your link between online and offline customer interactions, helping your brand to deliver a seamless customer journey/experience and staying memorable in the minds of your guests.

VIP customer journey scenario examples

  1. A VIP member arrives at the first/business class check in desk and is 5th in a queue behind silver and gold card members. Instantly a member of the staff can greet the individual by name and usher them to another desk for immediate check-in. Knowing (from the PRE:MIND app) that it’s his wife’s birthday the following day, they might comment that the VIP benefit from a 30% discount at the airport Hermės store that particular week.
  2. A VIP frequent flyer arrives at the lounge prior to the flight. Even if there is no personal recognition of the VIP, lounge staff can still immediately greet them by name, usher them to their preferred seat in the lounge and offer their favourite champagne. Any member of staff can easily locate the VIP in the lounge for a quiet reminder that the flight is now boarding.
  3. During the flight the VIP lets the cabin crew know that they love a certain type of wine. This information can be immediately updated by the crew to the customer’s profile via the PRE:MIND app, enabling seamless, real-time merging of the customer’s digital and physical identities.
  4. On landing at the destination the VIP can be seamlessly greeted at the gate or at arrivals to facilitate transfers or ground transportation

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