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Personalized experiences in F&B

Good F&B businesses deliver good customer experiences, but great ones turn experiences into memories.

Exceed guest expectations

Good F&B businesses deliver good customer experiences, but great ones turn experiences into memories. While this is a very worthwhile goal, it’s also difficult to do because local patrons have many dining options. In fact, more than 80% spend less than 50% of their total 30-day dining expenditures at their self-identified most-frequented restaurants.

Sample benefits with PRE:MIND

  • Fully integrated table management software

    Our web app help you keep track of reservations, requests, and waitlist guests in a comprehensive view. Easy communication allows your staff to stay in touch with every guest. Push notifications and emails alert you to important updates including arrivals, check-ins, new reservations, and late cancellations.

  • Simplified front-of-house operations

    Grid view gives you a bird’s-eye view of an entire shift at once and lets you add and edit reservations, assign walk-ins, update table statuses and view reservation notes simply by clicking over a table or a guest's name. Feeling in control over your workplace has never been this easy.

  • Customizable mobile app

    Add your branding to our ready-to-go app. Sell access to your venues, services and events directly through Google Pay & Apple iPay. Allow your guests to create bookings through the app which carry your logo, background, and colours.

    Allow guests to easily invite friends to their bookings and events. Communicate directly with visitors before and after a visit.

  • Real-time guest data

    As your guests arrive, your staff will receive an automatic notification showing the most important information about them. Use the information to easily spot big spenders and give them a table touch. Whether you use it at a single venue or across a global portfolio, our on-premise CRM technology gives you a 360-degree view of every guest, so you can elevate the guest experience to boost customer loyalty.

  • Personalized service at scale

    Make every guest feel like a VIP. PRE:MIND's 360-degree profiles build themselves over time and track everything from allergies and dietary preferences to reservation, purchases, events, newsletters, and order history, unlocking endless possibilities for hyper-personalised service and segmented marketing. With interest tags on profiles, staff can easily identify guests to tailor service appropriately for each and everyone.

  • Improve internal communication

    F&B is a bustling playground, with employees actively engaging guests and anticipating their needs. PRE:MIND's chat capability between venues offers a platform for employees to keep track of each other's needs, improving communication and delivering more memorable and extraordinary guest experiences.

  • Maximize up-selling opportunities

    Having real-time access to your customer's journey, their dining patterns, preferences and past behavior gives front-line staff increased opportunities to upsell your products and services. Allow your guests to purchase gifts to bring home, directly through the app.

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The real key to an outstanding experience is personalization

Flexible pricing

Design a custom package—available for restaurant outlets with large customer volumes or unique business models.

Standard 39 /mo Extended 995 /mo Enterprise Contact us


Allow your customers to make reservations for your restaurants or services, e.g. spa, city tour guide, yoga, etc

Venue insights

Additional features include calendar, design multiple table layouts, statistics, print bookings to BoH with guests' preferences and dislikes, track duration of visits, integration with many POS.

Receive payments

Supported currencies:

  • (EUR) Euro
  • (USD) US dollar
  • (BGN) Bulgarian lev
  • (CZK) Czech koruna
  • (DKK) Danish krone
  • (GBP) Pound sterling
  • (HUF) Hungarian forint
  • (PLN) Polish zloty
  • (RON) Romanian leu
  • (SEK) Swedish krona
  • (CHF) Swiss franc
  • (ISK) Icelandic krona
  • (NOK) Norwegian krone
  • (TRY) Turkish lira
  • (AUD) Australian dollar
  • (BRL) Brazilian real
  • (CAD) Canadian dollar
  • (CNY) Chinese yuan renminbi
  • (HKD) Hong Kong dollar
  • (IDR) Indonesian rupiah
  • (ILS) Israeli shekel
  • (INR) Indian rupee
  • (MXN) Mexican peso
  • (MYR) Malaysian ringgit
  • (NZD) New Zealand dollar
  • (PHP) Philippine peso
  • (SGD) Singapore dollar
  • (THB) Thai baht
  • (ZAR) South African rand

You can receive payments from your VIPs in 29 different currencies

Mobile app !

Allow your customers to book your events and venues, and make purchases easily through the customizable PRE:MIND mobile app.


Send hyper-customisable newsletters, to different groups and interests, at scheduled times. Analytics allowing you to see how popular the subject line is.



Connect with other companies, collaborate on events, and engage each others' VIPs creating the next level of customer journies


Loyalty program

Create your customised loyalty levels, point collection, and redeemables. If the iBeacons-addon is enabled, you can also award loyalty points for time spent at your venues.



Understanding how your venues and events perform by asking your customers for direct feedback



Create food & beverage menus for your venues, integrate with your POS and BoH


QR reader

Access control for your locations, make sure that your guests can only enter when they're supposed to



Allow your employees to be notified in real-time when your VIPs arrive at your venues


Transaction fees

We cover any additional credit card costs between your customers and the payment solution provider

Standard 39 /mo Extended 995 /mo Enterprise Contact us
  • Additional addons

  • How did you hear about us?

Benefits of personalised experiences

According to the World Tourism Organization (2013), luxury tourists represent 3% of tourists travelling globally and their spending represents 25% of all international travel revenue.

Furthermore, Deloitte reveals that only 42% of customers are willing to be a restaurant’s brand ambassador, and only 32% say they developed a personal relationship with their favorite restaurant brands their people.

Deloitte recommends four initiatives:

  1. define loyalty in ways that matter to you
  2. know your core customers
  3. connect with them as individuals, and
  4. build loyalty programs because research shows core customers will join.

Guests are rating the following factors based on how much they impact trust in the companies they buy from:

Relatable brand Relatable brand
Financial stability Financial stability
Best price Best price
Excellent customer service Excellent customer service

Show your human side

Regardless of the customer journey stage or the channel in which they choose to engage your brand, they should be treated humanely and pleasantly by your team. This requires your staff to display a personal touch whenever it’s possible

A personal touch

Percentage of consumers said they’d be willing to spend more at a company they believe delivers excellent customer service:

A personal touch A personal touch

Source: American Express

Show your human side

Percentage of respondents are most frustrated by having to repeat their issue to multiple representatives:

Show your human side Show your human side

Source: Accenture

Benefits of real-time data analytics

Understand repeat behaviours and react in real-time. Marketers find that real-time data analytics can boost customer retention by up to:

Benefits of real-time data analytics Benefits of real-time data analytics



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