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Personalized experiences in F&B

Good F&B businesses deliver good customer experiences, but great ones turn experiences into memories.

If you ‘are what you eat’, then great F&B venues are what they do to prepare for the future—not only to meet, but exceed, customer expectations.

While this is a very worthwhile goal, it’s also difficult to do because local patrons have many dining options. In fact, more than 80% spend less than 50% of their total 30-day dining expenditures at their self-identified most-frequented restaurants.

According to the World Tourism Organization (2013), luxury tourists represent 3% of tourists travelling globally and their spending represents 25% of all international travel revenue.

Furthermore, Deloitte reveals that only 42% of customers are willing to be a restaurant’s brand ambassador, and only 32% say they developed a personal relationship with their favorite restaurant brands their people.

Deloitte recommends four initiatives:

  1. define loyalty in ways that matter to you
  2. know your core customers
  3. connect with them as individuals, and
  4. build loyalty programs because research shows core customers will join.

The solution

What is needed is a way of cultivating and deepening local customer relationships each and everytime. Thankfully, PRE:MIND’s technology solution provides sales and customer service associates with a powerful cloud solution to build such relationships.

  • Customers are greeted by name at the door ready to be served!
  • Advance knowledge of dining/purchase history, wish lists, and personal preferences to match products to demand and trigger sales
  • Permissions and sharing of customer profiles between venues
  • Re-assignment of VIP relationships during staff turnover/hiring
  • Use tiered membership structures for digital marketing campaigns
  • Record soft information on clients such as allergies, anniversary, spouses name, and food or wine favourites in your selection
  • Data analytics such as duration of visit, movement between customer touch-points (e.g. lobby, executive lounge, food outlets, leisure attractions), and visits that don’t convert into sales, or translate into meaningful interactions
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Luxury is getting things just the way you like it

Customer Journey post PRE:MIND implementation

  1. Customer downloads your official app with the PRE:MIND SDK embedded
  2. Customer casually walks into any of your venue properties worldwide
  3. Manager is shown customer profile in advance of arrival
  4. Customer is greeted personally and meaningfully according to brand policy
  5. Customer is recognized at any subsequent venues without needing to identify themselves again
  6. Increase in retention rates, leading to significant dollar value & increase in revenue
Customer Journey

Sample Benefits

Improve internal communication: F&B is a bustling playground, with employees actively engaging guests and anticipating their needs. PRE:MIND's chat capability between venues offers a platform for employees to keep track of each other's needs, improving communication and delivering more memorable and extraordinary guest experiences.

Maximize up-selling opportunities: having real-time access to your customer's journey, their dining patterns, preferences and past behavior gives front-line staff increased opportunities to upsell your products and services.

Business networking: PRE:MIND is currently working on an addon features which will allow your customers to connect with each other in venues should they so choose, based on their professional interests. Building valuable connections is memorable, and your venue can be the ecosystem that empowers guests to develop their business.

Show your human side

Regardless of the customer journey stage or the channel in which they choose to engage your brand, they should be treated humanely and pleasantly by your team. This requires your agents to display a personal touch whenever it’s possible

Know your customers’ history

When a customer contacts your business, their interlocutor should already be aware of who they are and have a good idea of why they’re contacting. Much like a patron in line at their favourite coffee shop who is asked, “the usual?”, your customers will appreciate not having to detail their information and past history every time.

Any information about your customers that is collected by your staff can be instantly shared throughout your venues, thus empowering the entirety of your brand.

Understand repeat behaviours and react in real-time

Business analytics can outline recurring patterns in your customers’ behaviour. Do they struggle to find all areas in your venues? Are they failing to fully explore your services? All these patterns can be evidenced through business analytics, enabling management to make decisions to better accompany customers.

This is a transition from reactive to proactive customer service; trying to bring customer pain points to light and provide solutions before they even arise. PRE:MIND can trigger real-time online actions in your marketing system through its so called “webhooks”, to allow your brand to facilitate both pre- and post-sales interactions.

PRE:MIND is your link between online and offline customer interactions, helping your brand to deliver a seamless customer journey/experience and staying memorable in the minds of your guests.


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