Simple, flexible pricing

Design a custom package—available for businesses with large customer volumes or unique business models.

Standard 39 /mo Extended 995 /mo Enterprise Contact us

User centric CRM

Hyperpersonalisation for your VIPs


Create your own free or ticketed events, both for existing members and those who aren't yet.


Allow your customers to make reservations for your restaurants or services, e.g. spa, city tour guide, yoga, etc

GDPR compliance

All personal user data is 100% GDPR compliant with the Right to Know and Right to be Forgotten

Custom user interface

Upload your logo, background image, and set your company colours for your VIPs to feel at home. Embed calendar, bookings, and events on your own website

Receive payments

Supported currencies:

  • (EUR) Euro
  • (USD) US dollar
  • (BGN) Bulgarian lev
  • (CZK) Czech koruna
  • (DKK) Danish krone
  • (GBP) Pound sterling
  • (HUF) Hungarian forint
  • (PLN) Polish zloty
  • (RON) Romanian leu
  • (SEK) Swedish krona
  • (CHF) Swiss franc
  • (ISK) Icelandic krona
  • (NOK) Norwegian krone
  • (TRY) Turkish lira
  • (AUD) Australian dollar
  • (BRL) Brazilian real
  • (CAD) Canadian dollar
  • (CNY) Chinese yuan renminbi
  • (HKD) Hong Kong dollar
  • (IDR) Indonesian rupiah
  • (ILS) Israeli shekel
  • (INR) Indian rupee
  • (MXN) Mexican peso
  • (MYR) Malaysian ringgit
  • (NZD) New Zealand dollar
  • (PHP) Philippine peso
  • (SGD) Singapore dollar
  • (THB) Thai baht
  • (ZAR) South African rand

You can receive payments from your VIPs in 29 different currencies

Products and tickets

Sell your products and/or access to your events and venues. Allow your customers to purchase time-limited Coupons for better deals.

Mobile app !

Allow your customers to book your events and venues, and make purchases easily through the customizable PRE:MIND mobile app.


Send hyper-customisable newsletters, to different groups and interests, at scheduled times. Analytics allowing you to see how popular the subject line is.



Connect with other companies, collaborate on events, and engage each others' VIPs creating the next level of customer journies


Loyalty program

Create your customised loyalty levels, point collection, and redeemables. If the iBeacons-addon is enabled, you can also award loyalty points for time spent at your venues.



Understanding how your venues and events perform by asking your customers for direct feedback



Create food & beverage menus for your venues, integrate with your POS and BoH


QR reader

Access control for your locations, make sure that your guests can only enter when they're supposed to



Allow your employees to be notified in real-time when your VIPs arrive at your venues


Transaction fees

We cover any additional credit card costs between your customers and the payment solution provider

Standard 39 /mo Extended 995 /mo Enterprise Contact us
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