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Case Study: Kamooni

Case Study

How Kamooni has augmented its guest experience to the next level with PRE:MIND

  • Headquartered: Western Cape, South Africa
  • The Kamooni X-factor: Being the next level OTA focused on sustainable travel and lifestyle and encompassing unique activities and F&B experiences.
  • Business snapshot: Employs 15 people, growing aggressively with 80% new venue partners added year over year, market share at 30% of the youth/adventure tourism sector.
  • Last 12 months: served 3.000 travellers, logged over 38.000 bookings.

Testimonial from the Kamooni CEO

"At Kamooni we are creating a culture of conscious travel and believe PRE:MIND to be an extremely powerful tool. We use the technology to improve B2C user experience as well as to collect important statistics for our B2B users.

The tool greatly improves on service delivery to travelers staying at our partner establishments: from VIP treatment at reception to notifying guests of what they can do or expect from their visit, PRE:MIND has made this all possible.”

Herman Vercuiel


Tell me about your business situation before we partnered. What pain points and challenges were you facing that you felt PRE:MIND could help improve, including data points? Which products did you consider as options?

– For Kamooni, business was going okay, but it was difficult to get started. The market wasn't ready for new-comers and Kamooni had to offer something fresh to get their attention.

PRE:MIND was a door-opener promising that guests could be greeted by name—the option for heightened customer experience was what gave us the opportunities. It wasn't necessarily a "pain" to not being able to track guests who arrive at the hotel since it had never been done before. But it gave us the competitive edge to take over market share.

One of our hotel partners mentioned that it was very good to learn how much time people spent at their bars, their pool area, and their lobby. We saw that our booking revenues increased by about 12% with the addition of PRE:MIND in our offerings and we are able to increase our monthly fees by an additional 25-30% on average.

I don't think there are any other products on the market that does anything like PRE:MIND. We did research about a company called "Snapscan", but they weren't a contender really since they're only using one-way traffic—the shops didn't know anything about the people entering the venue.

What was it about the PRE:MIND solution that got you and your team most excited? What caused you to realize that you need a solution like PRE:MIND and why did you make the decision to work with us?

We really wanted to remove the hassle from the check-in/check-out process. We found it very appealing by automating the entire process, as the digital passport was always with the travelers. The entire experience when they arrive at the establishment has been what excites us the most.

How was the onboarding experience for you? What went well and what would you say needs improving?

It was incredibly good for us. PRE:MIND was extremely helpful in sorting out any problems that we had when integrating our booking systems. The webhooks have been very helpful for us as we can set up our own automatic rules.

The mobile integration needed some improvements and documentation, but we’re happy with how it turned out.

Since implementing PRE:MIND, how have you seen your aforementioned KPI's, strategies and tactics improved? Did we help you to better formulate your guest experience goals?

Yes, absolutely! Since it's seasonal and we've only run the solution for a year, we believe sales with our B2B-partners has increased. We have seen that our PREMINDified travelers spend more money at the restaurants & bars.

What features have you found the most valuable?

For sure! Reduced check in time and personalizing the experience, even though they (staff & guest) had never met.

Was there anything new that you discovered after implementing PRE:MIND?

Happier customers, less time spent at the reception – on average 5 minutes less per check in.

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Augment the future with PRE:MIND

How else do you think PRE:MIND can help Kamooni's mission?

To better understand guest behaviour.

As your business expands, how can PRE:MIND grow with you?

We want to show that Kamooni guests want to return to Kamooni hotels. We want to increase visits to PREMINDified hotels and venues, and it is very simple to scale since we only need to order more beacons to create more PRE:MIND hotspots.

From a scale of 1-5 (from low to high), how likely are you to show and tell others about PRE:MIND?

5! But actually 1, because I don't want anyone else to use it! We have a very strong competitive edge and really don’t want to let that go.


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