The Team

The operational team

Thomas Kunambi

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

IT-professional and entrepreneur well-versed in leadership, business development, as well as coding and user experience design. Thomas has been in IT since the '90s, doing work that tends to be in the forefront of the technical field. He founded PRE:MIND with the vision of enabling brands to improve the relationships with its trusted customers, by merging the digital space and the real world through actionable knowledge.

Linn Lindström

Marketing Director

Marketing and communications professional with long-term experience advising tech startups as well as SMEs. Linn's broad educational and business background offers her a unique understanding of the big picture in marketing. Overseeing PRE:MIND's marketing strategy, she ensures the distributed organisation is well equipped to grow the brand in each market.

Rodrigo Aguilera

Design Director

Accomplished art director with experience from the advertising industry, media brands like TV4-Gruppen (Bonnier, Sweden) and communications school Berghs (Sweden) among other. Well educated in topics such as Graphic Design and Visual Arts, Rodrigo oversees all design choices for PRE:MIND.

Dominic Rohde

Business Development Director

Business Development professional with experience in industries such as talent management, and venture capital, from Australia and Singapore to Finland. Dominic's global network and understanding of strategic partnerships is supporting PRE:MIND's expansion, offerings, and service to brands.

Eliana Bejarano

Commercial Director

Lawyer with more than a decade of experience in the public (government and embassies) and private (international companies) sectors. Focused on Govtech, smart cities, sustainable economy and digital transformation. Her strong commercial focus and important networks in the EU, USA, and Latin America will bring additional value to PRE:MIND

Clarence Chew

Head of Treasury

Skilled business developer with a background in industries such as venture capital, technology, marketing and retail, including leading the establishment of the Decathlon brand in Southeast Asia. With a strategic outlook and significant experience in new market launches, Clarence expertise will be an integral part of PRE:MIND's future development.