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How does it work and what does social distancing mean for my organisation?

The software solution can be implemented in any existing mobile application, or designed and built as a bespoke application. After the application has been updated on the individuals' phone, the software is now in effect and will keep track of any other PRE:VENT-enabled phone in its vicinity—even if the app has been closed or is running in the background.

To be compliant with privacy laws, especially GDPR, the SDK only relies on the Bluetooth antenna and does not collect any GPS information making it possible to track positioning on different floors within buildings—even underground—if using the iBeacon, and also using significantly less battery power. The tracking is only active inside your own venues, and can be set to specific timeframes (date, hours and minutes) to ensure further employee privacy.


The below graph is illustrating how fast the virus can spread assuming a workforce of 100 employees. In a normal scenario, the workforce is quarantined some time between day 13 and day 19.

But by using PRE:VENT you can selectively start quarantining employees as early as day 5 when the first symptoms start showing, drastically reducing the amount of infectious vectors, lessening the productivity impact, while at the same time not putting your employees in harms way.

Graph on how fast COVID-19 is spreading
Graph on how fast COVID-19 is spreading in an organisation with 100 employees

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