B2B employee contact tracing app developed in response to Covid-19

PRE:VENT is a B2B employee contact tracing app developed in response to Covid-19. It enables workforces to get back to work faster and sooner, saving companies significant cost, and reducing production/service downtime. Click to understand more about how PRE:VENT works here.

Solving the traceability problem

During the COVID-19 epidemic, companies have been unable to identify employees that have contracted the virus.

Furthermore, it has not been possible to reliably track an infected employee’s movement, nor to determine who they have interacted with, resulting in exponentially more employees being sent home and enormous business costs.

With our app, and self-assessment tool, companies can have a full record of employee touch-points, thereby giving them the ability to look back in time to see who has been in contact with a pathogen carrier, to identify locations he or she has visited, and to identify who has been in close vicinity to those locations (Premium service). The main tracingfunctionality of the app can also be used as an SDK in an already existing employee-engagement app.

In the case of quarantine, the platform can be used to verify that individuals aren’t getting in close proximity to others, and to give an indication of phone battery levels to know if the person is reachable or not.

This data is crucial in testing and isolating affected parts of the workforce, so that unaffected employees can get back to sooner.

What PRE:VENT does for you:

  • Provides data for better management and recovery strategies
  • Minimize the number of employees put on sick-leave, resulting in cost savings
  • Avoids large disruptions in production/services
  • Helping companies care about their employees while respecting their privacy
  • Dual purpose of optimising office layouts and design
  • Enables tracing of relevant guideline enforcement (gathering size, lockdown etc)

PRE:VENT is an affordable app that forms the infrastructure for organisations to engage their people

Premium level: added 'on-premises' traceability

Via your Dashboard, facilities or locations are monitored and can easily and cost effectively be set up with iBeacons. The locations work independently from each other and the entire deployment process typically only takes a few weeks.

The beauty of PRE:VENT is that as authorities such as the WHO or CDC release new information regarding a virus’s exposure, infection, and incubation periods - you can alter parameters in the Dashboard in order to produce accurate results based on the changing circumstances.

For example, research may suggest that standing next to an infected person for 20 seconds will lead to transmittance. If new research reveals that transmittance is now over a shorter 10 second period, the parameters are easily changed through the Dashboard. Click to understand more about how PRE:VENT works here.


Tracing individuals’ interactions exposes a myriad of privacy issues. We at PRE:VENT are extremely privacy focused and believe that the mass collection of data poses problematic issues down the road.

We are committed to comply with your company’s privacy policies thus allowing you to set between which hours tracing can happen (e.g. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm), and prohibit real-time data collection – data will only be uploaded when the employee initiates it.


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